My approach on Council is to ensure the sustainability of Puslinch by proactively working to keep taxes low, looking for ways to increase revenues and addressing recreational, social and environmental issues important to all of us.– John Sepulis

Meet John.

Dear fellow residents of Puslinch,

Thank you for your support by electing me as one of the four Councillors to represent you on Council. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to you face to face as I went door to door campaigning and specifically to hear of your neighbourhood issues. These include paving gravel roads, road speeds, traffic stop signs, recreation trails and the state of some neighbouring properties. I will add these to my platform list of issues to tackle in this next term of Council. Obviously other members of Council will have their list of issues they believe you want to address, nevertheless, there will be common ground on some issues to address. Thank you again and I look forward to serving you. Sincerely,

John Sepulis